Knox City Police Respond to Suspected Threat at Knox Community School Corporation

The Knox City Police Department and Knox Community School Corporation received notice of about a social media post that suggested a threat of violence to the Knox Middle School before the start of school this morning. Fortunately, the threat turned out to be a rumor. However, there is a police presence on campus today as a safety measure.

According to Knox City Police Chief Harold Smith, around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, a call came in which spread publicly within minutes. Chief Smith says officials were notified that a threat was made by a student on Snap Chat who was “planning on entering the school and shooting students and faculty.” Knox Police, along with the officials at the school corporation investigated this threat intensely and aggressively to ensure safety in our community.

Chief Smith reports that at this time, the investigations revealed that the statements were nothing more than a rumor. However, Smith said that the Knox Police Department takes all threats against schools seriously. He stated, “We are working diligently to investigate, while at the same time maintain a safe environment at our schools.”

He said that as a precaution, parents and students will see uniformed police presence on campus today. In a press release, the Knox Police Department thanked the Knox Community School Corporation, parents and students for all the understanding and cooperation during this matter.