North Judson Town Council Secures Administration Services for $550,000 Community Block Development Grant

The North Judson Town Council members secured administrative assistance related to their $550,000 OCRA grant at their Monday night meeting. KIRPC Representative Shawn Cain presented a proposal for administrative services for the Community Development Block Grant funds that will be used for the town’s Drinking Water Project.

In previous meetings, Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann has shared that the Drinking Water Project includes adding a backup generator for the water system to address an Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) requirement, rehabilitating some of the town’s wells and conducting external and internal upgrades to both water towers to bring them up to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Aside from a services agreement, the proposal also included a letter stating that no other proposals were submitted and that the town has an existing working relationship with the organization, as well as a document requesting the environmental release.

Cain explained that everything has been submitted for the environmental review and now they’re waiting to hear back about. Cain said only Town Council President Wendy Hoppe signature was needed on that document. The expected date for the review to be returned is around June 13th and then the project can fully move forward.

She shared that she will keep in touch with officials through this process but her involvement will be more frequent once money comes into play.

She told members, “Once the project is ready to go to bid, that’s when you’ll see a lot more of my face and we will work toward taking care of the publication for the bid notice and everything of that nature.”

Members voted unanimously to accept the proposal. Cain mentioned that the proposal will go before the KIRPC Board of Directors their next meeting in order for it to be fully executed.