Winamac Town Council Asked to Get Back on Board with Community Pool Project

Winamac Town Council members were asked to get back on board with the community pool project when they met Monday night.

Councilwoman Judy Heater took a seat in the audience once again, to speak on behalf of the pool committee. She informed members that after speaking with a representative from the State Board of Health about installing the less-costly chemical-free natural swimming pool, she was alerted that the process would take too long so that plan was scrapped.

She went on to say that a regular swimming pool is still attainable. Heater commented that the projected deadline to start the pool construction was set as December 31st of 2020, so they still have time to raise more funds.

Heater explained that at a recent fundraiser, about $2,150 was raised. She added that there is approximately $140,000 in the in a fund at the Community Foundation, with about $10,000 set aside for pool maintenance. She stated that it would benefit the pool committee to have the Town’s support once again.

Aside from opening the committee up to apply for grants, the town’s support would also give community members confidence that their donations will be spent on the pool project. She said that even though fundraising efforts have continued, many people are waiting to donate because they aren’t sure the project will actually happen.

Councilman Alvin Parish made a comment that many of the individuals who came to show their support for the community pool at the last town council meeting aren’t even Winamac residents. He said that while they may be in support of the project, he’s worried they wouldn’t have to take any responsibility for financing it.

Heater said that those people are major contributors to the fundraisers. Another committee member added that the people showing support from out of town are also willing to pay out-of-town fees to utilize of the pool, should it be constructed.

Town Council President Tom Murray said that the council would table the matter and take the new information under advisement. The Town Council’s involvement in the community pool project will be revisited in a future meeting.

After the pool discussion ended, many of those in attendance left, demonstrating that there is a good deal of community support for the pool.