Dual-Generational Playground Equipment Idea Presented to Culver Town Council

Three students from Culver Academies presented town officials with a project idea during the last town council meeting in May.

One of the students, Alan Yang, told council members that after discussing the importance of responsible citizenship in one of their classes, the students brainstormed some ideas of ways they could assist the community.

Yang said they decided to do something at the park since that is an area that is utilized by individuals of all ages and it is one of the major focal points of town.

He told members, “We would like to contribute to Culver for something that everyone can enjoy, not just the kids, not just the adults. The thing we decided to focus on is playground equipment because we decided that we could try to implement this kind of exercising equipment and this would be dual-generational.”

According to the students, these types of multi-generational playgrounds are common in China. They said that the equipment isn’t overly complicated so children still find it fun to play on and it allows older individuals to do stretches, agility training and other kinds of exercises that aren’t too strenuous.

The students said they’ve looked into several different companies in the United States and abroad to compare prices. They mentioned that they have money for the equipment from a past fundraiser, so they’re not looking for any contributions.

The reason they came before the council was to see if they’d be willing to have this type of equipment at the park and to ensure the installation wouldn’t interfere with the current Stellar Community plans.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe noted that the Stellar Project at park focuses mainly on the beach lodge building. She added that they don’t currently have any plans pertaining to playground equipment so the proposed Academy project would not cause any interference.

No official actions were taken but the town officials were all very accepting of the idea. President Munroe told the students to continue researching the project and suggested that when they return to school in the fall, they should bring the matter back for further consideration.