Pulaski County Courthouse Elevator Work Still Ahead of Schedule, Despite Shaft Issue

The Pulaski County Courthouse elevator replacement project remains ahead of schedule, in spite of a few hiccups. Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston told the county commissioners Monday that work was at a standstill, after it was determined the elevator shaft would have to be moved by three inches.

He said work would resume once the architect finishes the updated specifications. The cost of the changes is expected to be covered by the project’s contingency budget. Johnston said the new elevator is still on track to be delivered in mid-July.

A big concern now is how to pay for the work. While the county council has agreed to cover the cost, it hasn’t actually made any money available.

Next week, council members will consider a $100,000 additional appropriation from the County Economic Development Income Tax Fund, to cover the first round of bills. Meanwhile, they plan to check on how much money is in the Cumulative Building fund, to pay for the rest of the project. The total construction bid was for $489,000. Johnston said he plans to push the county council to set aside the entire amount and set up a payment plan.

The elevator replacement is part of the county’s response to a class action lawsuit alleging a lack of ADA compliance in the county’s government buildings.