Request to Vacate Alley in Winamac Moves onto Next Phase

An alley in the town of Winamac will be vacated in the near future following a decision made by town council members Wednesday.

Town Manager Brad Zellers provided the council with an update about the request, which was initially submitted on behalf of Frain LLC and neighboring property owners Deborah Worrell and Mike and Peggy Vasa at the last town council meeting in May.

At Monday’s meeting, Zellers reminded the council members that the residents adjacent to the property would like the town to vacate the unused alley behind Frain Mortuary, previously referred to as Water Street.

Zellers mentioned that the request has been advertised in the paper and added that the landowners interested in having the area vacated intend to draw up the deed work to divvy the property up amongst themselves, at no cost to the town.

Council members provided unanimous approval to move forward with the process.

Zellers said now that the council members have provided approval for the request, a resolution to officially vacate the alley will be presented at the next town council meeting.