“Senior Cruise Night” Proposed at North Judson Town Council Meeting

Representatives from the North Judson High School Memorial committee came before Town Council members last week, seeking permission to hold a “blast from the past” event next June.

Committee member Sue Dolezal said that on June 8th of 2019, the committee wants to hold an event that would coincide with the Fire Department’s annual fish fry since many people would already be coming into town for that.

“We’d like to have a senior cruise night,” Dolezal told members,” and with that we want to do a dedication to the new memorial and open up the time capsule that was in the cornerstone.”

Dolezal said that with this, North Judson residents could take a trip down memory lane, taking the same routes that “cruisers” took back in their high school days.

She said they’ll probably award some prizes for things like ‘best muscle car’ and ‘oldest cruiser’. She said they’re also planning to put up signs to recognize where past landmarks once stood.

The stretch of road that will be the main focus of the event will be Lane Street. Dolezal noted that in the past, there were fewer stop signs. In order to help with the flow of the cruise, she asked if they would be able to cover those up.

Council President Wendy Hoppe said that legally, they would not be permitted to cover them but they could work with the Police Department and potentially work something out to allow the signs to be temporarily ignored for the event.

The council provided unanimous approval for the event. Dolezal said that since it’s a year away they’re still in the planning stages but committee members are getting excited. She also informed the council that they’re hoping to break ground for the memorial sometime within the next month.