Starke County COAD Seeks Community Leaders to Serve on Their Board

Starke County COAD is looking to establish a board that will be responsible for running operations.

Starke County EMA Director J. Nier has been getting the organization off the ground but she said ultimately, it is meant to be run by community members. Though the idea was brought up during their meeting Tuesday night, the current members decided to wait to establish a board until more members are in attendance.

The individuals already involved in COAD are hoping that more people hear about the organization and decide to join. Additionally, there were people who took part in the initial meeting back in April who were not at this week’s meeting.

Nier explained that the COAD Board could consist of a chair and co-chair, as well as a secretary and treasurer.

The board members would be in charge of delegating volunteer responsibilities as well as organizing various response efforts and potential fundraisers. Whoever fills the treasurer’s position would need to have some experience working with charities, as they would assist with establishing a 501 C-3 status for the organization.

Individuals with a passion for leadership and drive to provide assistance in Starke County are encouraged to reach out to Director Nier to indicate that they would like to serve as a member of the board. She can be reached at 772-9182 or