Additional Upgrades Planned for Bass Lake Beach Gate House

The Bass Lake Beach gate house may soon be getting some more upgrades. Much of the structure had to be repaired after a pickup truck reportedly crashed into it back in November.

Bass Lake Beach and Campground Assistant Manager Larry Clarich told the Starke County Park Board Tuesday he was able to get the gate house back in usable condition by the time the beach opened for the year. Now, he says he wants to redo the other side once the season ends. “I’d like to remove all the bricks and do it the same way we did the other side,” he explained. “It’s going to be very expensive to do all the bricks. I’d like to replace all the windows and make that building so it’s there for the next 30 or 40 years, so that way we don’t have any problems or the county won’t have any issues with it.”

None of the three board members in attendance Tuesday opposed the plan. The county got a $2,500 insurance settlement for the damage.

Meanwhile, the beach house is getting some cosmetic improvements. Clarich said he planned to have his staff power wash the building this week, so they could start repainting it.