Eastern Pulaski Schools Strengthening Doors and Windows, Adding Security Cameras

The Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation will be securing doors and windows, thanks to the latest round of Secured School Safety Matching Grants. Superintendent Dan Foster says the school corporation was awarded just over $34,000 this year.

“We have a few different things on the list for that,” he told the school board during this month’s regular meeting. “The RhinoWare that goes in the door that is just an added, extra benefit to helping keep the doors a little bit more secure. There’s some window film in a lot of the windows on this first layer and I think at the front of the elementary, if I remember right.”

School officials also hope to install a screen on the fence next to the driveway east of the elementary school. “It seems to be a contest now to get there at two o’clock every day to be the first one in line to pick up your student, and there’s potential problems,” Foster explained. “I think somebody was doing some videotaping last year and some things like that, so we’re trying to get that taken care of.” Foster said that money from recent fundraising promotions by Good Oil and Jim Dobson Ford may be available to help with the cost.

The Eastern Pulaski School Board also approved a payment of just under $3,200 for four new security cameras. School officials say they’ll help provide coverage of every entrance to school property.