Knox City Council Considers Economic Revitalization Area Request from JW Hicks

Knox City Council members held a public hearing and considered a resolution related to the designation of an Economic Revitalization Area in the Industrial Park when they met last Tuesday.

The request came from JW Hicks, Inc, as an expansion project unfolds at their Knox location. Founder James W. Hicks discussed the anticipated cost for the project.

“The project as a whole will be as represented in the request for tax abatement.” He told members, “In round numbers, it’s about three million dollars for buildings and two million dollars for equipment.”

He added that there will be at least 15 new jobs created once the new building is complete. However, he said that in the past they end up employing more people than they promise, and they expect that to be the case this time around as well.

President James R. Hicks noted that the company is motivated to help Starke County residents become and remain Starke County workers.

He explained, “One of the other opportunities we talk about internally a great deal is that there are a number of very capable people, whether it’s accounting, engineering, technicians, or other manufacturing roles who are leaving this county every day to go work in other places. We are wanting to find possibilities to keep them here and grow here. We have been blessed with a great group of people at JW Hicks and are actively looking to add key members to our team.”

No public comments were provided during the hearing. City council members went on to approve the resolution that designates the property an Economic Revitalization Area and opens the corporation up for tax abatement.