Pulaski BZA Allows Pole Barn to Be Built Closer to Property Line to Avoid Oak Trees


A Pulaski County resident will be able to build a pole barn while keeping his oak trees, following action by the Pulaski County Board of Zoning Appeals. Board members granted a special exception Monday for a property in the 3800 block of South State Road 119 near Star City.

It lets owner Jim McDaniel build the structure just 13 feet from the property line, rather than the 20 feet required by the county’s Unified Development Ordinance. He said that will let him keep a 40-foot oak tree that would otherwise be in the way, with the barn just fitting in between two trees.

McDaniel presented a letter of support from the owner of the neighboring property and said he hadn’t heard any opposition from any of his other neighbors. No concerns were directed toward the County Building Department, either, according to Building Inspector Doug Hoover.