Quote From Leslie Coatings, Inc Approved by Winamac Park Board

A quote for the remainder of the work needed at the tennis and pickleball courts was considered by Winamac Park Board members Thursday night.

Park Board President Courtney Poor informed the other board members about the quote submitted by Leslie Coatings, Inc. “It’s $7,000 it says to pretty extensively clean then restripe here.” He continued, “Looks like it’s pretty well done, the way it’s presented.”

President Poor asked the remainder of the board to weigh in on the matter. Board member Jon Chapman noted that the quote was within about $150 of the quote for the first portion of work. He said since that consisted of less striping, the slight increase in cost for this part of the project makes sense.

They all concurred that the renovations are definitely needed so the members of the board voted unanimously to approve the quote.

Additionally, members discussed how they’re researching different types of nets that could not only replace the current nets but that could also be utilized for both sports. No prices have been offered up for those options as of yet.