Winamac Park Board Finalizes Application for Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant

The finishing touches have been made to the Winamac Park Board’s amended application for the Land Water Conservation Fund grant.

Park Board Secretary Kim Burke told members Thursday night that she was finished writing up all the provisions for the application. She noted that with their permission, it would be ready to send in.

When Park Board members initially turned in their application, representatives with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources informed them that more money was available. So, they were given a deadline extension and were permitted to add more projects.

Now in addition to the renovated restrooms, and upgrades to the toddler playground, they added plans for a disc golf course and repairs to the basketball hoops and court. The upgrades to the playground will include resurfacing as well as new equipment.

During a past meeting, members proposed including a larger piece of equipment as one of their amendments. However, Burke said after consulting with Board Member Jon Chapman, they made the executive decision that the next largest size was too costly for what was being offered.

She explained, “I know we talked about upgrading the big piece in the toddler playground [but] the step up was $6,500 more to gain three feet of space so we decided to just leave it alone. I don’t think $6,500 is worth three feet.”

The other members were also content with leaving that aspect out of the application. They voted unanimously to approve the document as presented and permitted Burke to send it in.