Winamac Town Council Selects Contractors for Water Project

Contractors were selected for the two divisions of the Winamac water project, during Monday night’s special town council meeting.

Midwest Engineers Senior Project Engineer Mike Sullivan informed members that the “release of funds” notice has been received from OCRA and he summarized the two separate parts of the project that were bid out.

He stated, “[There’s] Division A, which are the new production wells and well houses and Division B is raw water transmission main from the wells, comes all the way in along the highway and under the river into the treatment plant.”

Sullivan provided members with a general overview of the bids that were received for the two divisions. With the well portion of the project, the bids ranged from $625,000 to $884,332. He said after Midwest Engineers reps reviewed the bids and conducted interviews, they decided to recommend providing a tentative award to the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder, KDM Services, LLC.

For Division B, the bids ranged from $681,555 to $1,047,075. They suggested the low bid on that portion as well, recommending that the board members go with H&G Underground Utilities.

Member unanimously approved both recommendations as presented.

A representative from the company KDM Services was present at the meeting and said they were looking to have the ‘Division A’ portion project complete before it gets too cold outside.

Sullivan noted that it may take H&G Underground a little longer to get started, as one of the materials they need is hard to come by and they’re not anticipating delivery for another six weeks.

However, Sullivan said he didn’t think that delay would impede the overall project at all. He noted he will ask the contractors to put together some construction schedules so they can be presented to the board in order to get a more concrete idea about the timeline of the project.