Winamac Town Marshall Mark Hoffman Addresses Recent Projects at the Department

Winamac Town Marshal Mark Hoffman has been quite busy since he took over for Mike Buchanan, whose retirement officially went into effect on July 1st.

Hoffman has been shadowing Buchanan over the last few months since his retirement was announced in February. Marshal Hoffman told town council members on Monday that there were a few projects that he wanted to get taken care of that have been completed.

He explained that an evidence label and barcode printer has been installed so that evidence can be tracked electronically. He also stated that he donated audio equipment and installed all the wiring in the department’s interview room so that is now up and functioning.

On a different note, Marshal Hoffman mentioned that Deputy Marshals Aaron Spanley and Matt Pickens recently completed SWAT training. He said now that they are certified, nearly all members of the full-time force are trained in Special Weapons and Tactics.

He said the only officer who still needs to receive the training is Alec Berger. Berger is currently getting certified at the Police Academy. Hoffman noted when there is an opening for him to attend he will be enrolled in the course in order for all of the full-time officers of the Winamac Police Department to be SWAT trained.