Hamlet Police Department Adds Three Reserve Officers

The has three new reserve officers. The town council approved the additions Wednesday. Town Marshal Clint Norem said two of them have experience as Starke County Sheriff’s Department Reserves. The third had expressed interest for some time but only recently moved to Culver from Hobart.

Norem said he’ll receive his 40-hour pre-basic training alongside some new recruits from the North Judson Police Department. “They’re going to help us out,” Norem said. “They’ve got a couple that they’re putting through, and they’ve got a couple new reserves they’re going to be putting through the 40-hour. So we’re just going to put them all together. We’re going to get them done with whoever needs the full 40.”

Norem also said the Hamlet Police Department was scheduled to host firearms training at the town’s gun range Thursday. “Officer [Ryan] Hollopeter from Marshall County has offered to come over,” Norem explained. “He’s going to do our rifle and pistol qualifications. North Judson’s going to be over here. Knox has a new recruit.”

Council members complimented Norem for his cooperation with other departments. “It’s good to see the different departments working together,” said council member Brian Earnest.

Council President Dave Kesvormas agreed, “I think that’s a wonderful thing you guys are all working together. It didn’t happen. It wasn’t like that a year and a half ago.” Kesvormas said he always likes hearing that town officials are working together and planning ahead.