Knox Board of Works Receives Update on Main Street Property

Knox Board of Works members have to play the waiting game now that a small claims case has been brought against a non-compliant property owner. At their meeting on Wednesday, members received an update about the property owned by Pete Milev, located at 1 and 3 North Main Street.

Milev previously received a one-month extension from the board, but after he didn’t make all the repairs that were promised, members asked City Attorney Leslie Baker to take further action. That’s when she filed a complaint with the court.

Baker noted that Milev has until September 17th to file a response. The next steps to take all depend on whether or not he submits something to the court.

Building Administrator Kenny Pfost noted that Milev has been working on the structure, primarily in the evenings.

He stated, “A little bit of work is being done over there. The ironwork around the front doors and windows has been painted, some of the brick on the south wall has been tuck pointed, along the south wall there’s been a door replaced and some masonry work around that has been done.”

Board member Jim Collins added that he’s seen some work being done inside as well. The members noted that major work still needs to be done to the exterior that may require an outside contractor.

Baker added that even if Milev does complete all the work that’s needed, it won’t eliminate the fines that have been assessed against him so far. She also mentioned that the fines continue to assess against him every 90 days that he doesn’t complete the work under the initial order.