North Judson Clerk Treasurer Shares Plans to Get Clock on Lane Street Working Again

Photo Source: Joey BLS Photography

North Judson’s Clerk-Treasurer is looking to get a focal point in town back in working order. Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe told council members and meeting attendees on Monday that he wants to fix the tall clock that stands in front of Grand Central Station on Lane Street.

Rowe said, “It’s a neat thing to have in our downtown and I think it’s wasted there; A: not working and B: not being lit up in the evenings.”

Rowe noted that the Starke County Community Foundation has expressed an interest in helping get the clock back up and running. The clerk-treasurer went on to share the main elements that this project will involve.

“There are a few things as far as the dynamics of fixing that go.” He explained, “One is finding someone to repair the clock itself and the lighting and second issue is that the electricity is tied into Grand Central Station.”

He said the electricity would need to be switched over to the Town or possibly the Community Foundation if they end up providing assistance in that way. He’s still looking into what that process would entail but said he doesn’t think it will be too difficult to make the change.

Rowe told the members he will continue researching to find different people and companies who take care of this type of work. Anyone who can assist with this project is encouraged to contact the North Judson Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 574-8963340.