Pulaski County Commissioners Vote Down Wheel Tax

Pulaski County will not be charging its residents a wheel tax in the near future. The issue was discussed during last week’s joint county council and commissioners meeting, after the Bureau of Motor Vehicles asked for an update.

County officials are currently looking at ways to adjust the tax structure, to reduce the county’s reliance on income tax revenues. But the commissioners didn’t think a wheel tax would help. They pointed out that money could only go to the County Highway Department, not the General Fund. Commissioner Kenny Becker added that of Pulaski County’s neighbors, Cass County is the only one that currently has a wheel tax.

In the end, the commissioners voted not to charge a wheel tax in Pulaski County. No formal vote was taken by the county council. However, Todd Samuelson with accounting firm Umbaugh and Associates offered to include a wheel tax estimate, if the county decides to hire Umbaugh to analyze its tax structure and expenditures.