“The Hive” Gives Starke County Women Something to Bee-lieve In

Have you heard the buzz about the “The Hive?” The members of this ladies’ giving circle work together to fund local charitable projects and organizations.

Representatives say the name “The Hive” comes from a comparison between the giving circle and the way honey bees work.

They shared that similar to the way that bees work together to produce honey that helps sustain the entire hive, the giving circle works together by pooling their resources in order to enhance the quality of life in the community.

The group was established through the Starke County Community Foundation by Co-Founders Andrea Cox and Jessica Martinovic. Cox serves as the Chairperson of the organization.

At their inaugural gathering, held in February of this year, the group gave away a total of $5,000 to four different nonprofit organizations. The recipients were the Kid’s Closet Ministry, Starke County Community Corrections, Bella Vita Pregnancy Resource Center and the Prairie Trails Club.

Approximately 60 women were in attendance for their first gathering, and the group is hoping to reach at least 100 members by their 2019 event. Individuals can sign up to be a “Hive” member online or through the mail.

The group is open to all Starke County women who are sixteen-years-of-age or older. Members who are 16 to 22 would pay monthly dues of $5 or $60 per year while members who are older than 22 are asked to supply a monthly contribution of $10 or a $120 yearly donation.

The monetary contributions from members are pooled together to give annual grants to charitable organizations in the county.

Half of the dollars are awarded in the current grant cycle and the other half is put into The Hive Giving Circle Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation to ensure the group will be able to provide grants well into the future.

If you have any questions, contact the Starke County Community Foundation at 574-772-3665.