Culver Council Extends Contract with Maxinkuckee Yacht Club for Sailing Lessons

Lake Maxinkuckee beach in Culver

The Maxinkuckee Yacht Club will be able to continue its kids’ sailing lessons at the Culver Beach, but further contract negotiations are expected in the coming months. The town council last week voted to extend its current agreement with the yacht club through the end of January. For the past four summers, the group has been using the beach to host Saturday morning sailing lessons, along with four-day sailing camps.

Organizers Becky and Ed Furry told council members that the Saturday morning sessions have seen a steady level of participation, but the camps have experienced a good amount of growth. They said that in the future, they would like to expand their agreement with the town to allow them to offer more sessions or incorporate other water activities, like paddle boarding and kayaking. They also hope to get larger boats, so they could offer lessons for teenagers and adults. A long-term goal is to launch a high school sailing team.

However, Council President Ginny Bess Munroe also had some issues she would like to see addressed in the new contract. Among other things, she was concerned about the storage of boats and potential interference with people looking to rent park facilities.

The Furrys explained that the Maxinkuckee Yacht Club is in the process of spinning the sailing lessons off into a separate non-profit entity. That would potentially allow the group to raise funds to buy new boats and expand the program. The plan is for the new contract to be with the new organization, rather than the yacht club.

Between now and January, representatives with the sailing program will negotiate the new contract with Town Manager Jonathan Leist and Park Superintendent Amber Cowell.