Enrollment Up at Culver Community Schools

The Culver Community Schools Corporation is reporting some positive enrollment figures. Superintendent Karen Shuman shared the results of last Friday’s official count during Monday’s school board meeting. “We are up 24 students [over] last year, so we’re at 774, where last year, we were at 750,” she said. “So that is good.”

Kindergarten enrollment continues to increase significantly, with 72 students counted last week. That’s about double what it was two years ago.

Culver Elementary School’s new pre-K had about 40 students, as of last week, according to Superintendent Shuman and Principal Erin Proskey. They explained that 20 are enrolled in one section and 15 are in the other, with the rest of the students being “walk-in services students.” “So we feel we have a very good solid program,” Shuman said, “and special ed numbers do keep increasing in that zone, so that’s why there was the need for adding an aide to make sure that we’re providing the services necessary for some of the special education students that are in the pre-K program.”

Shuman said school officials are excited about the numbers that have occurred.