Unsafe Property Updates Given to Culver Town Council

culver town hall

The Town of Culver continues working to remove unsafe buildings. A hearing over the former City Tavern building at 415 Lake Shore drive was scheduled for this morning at 9:00 in Marshall Circuit Court.

But there were still some uncertainties, when Town Attorney Jim Clevenger gave an update to the town council last week. “It was reported to our office before the 28th that they hadn’t served any of the defendants for the Lake Shore property, and I . . . was unable to get a confirmation from the sheriff that these people had been served,” Clevenger explained. “So we’ll still be looking to do that.”

Meanwhile, Culver Redevelopment Commission President Rich West said he would be willing to testify on behalf of the CRC, since the building sits in its TIF district.

Also during last week’s meeting, Town Manager Jonathan Leist reported that the demolition of 808 Obispo Street was set to take place as soon as NIPSCO disconnects gas service.