Aviation, AP Art Among Proposed Additions to Oregon-Davis Course Description Guide

High school students throughout the local area will be able to take aviation classes starting next school year, according to Oregon-Davis Superintendent Dr. Don Harman. “For all of the school corporations in our vocational co-op, we are starting an aviation course at the Plymouth Airport, and that will be available to our students,” he says. “So we’re very excited about that.”

It’s one of a few new classes included in O-D’s proposed 2019-2020 Course Description Guide presented to the school board last week. Harman says several new art courses are also planned, including an AP class. “That will help those students who want to go down that graduation pathway for that fine arts pathway,” he explains. “That will allow those students to do that. So our art teacher Joe Eskridge is going to pursue and get AP training and certified.”

O-D’s 2019-2020 Course Description Guide will be up for the school board’s final approval next month.