County Offices to Move into Former Winamac Masonic Lodge by End of October

The conversion of the former Winamac Masonic Lodge into a county morgue and office building will be done by the end of October. Pulaski County Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston told the county commissioners last Monday that the construction phase of the work should wrap up by the end of this week. “The cooler and all of that equipment will be installed as soon as that’s done,” he explained, “and then, we’ll start moving offices in.”

Johnston said the county’s existing morgue cooler will be moved into the building, but he had to get a different cooling unit for the outside of the building, since it doesn’t have a three-phase power supply. “It would be monumentally expensive,” he said. “The closest pole is, I think, a block away, and we’d have to pay for the tunneling and all that stuff to get it there, is what the town said.”

Johnston added that the replacement cooling unit is also a lot cheaper than a converter. All of the other equipment in the building is single-phase.