Donations Highlighted at Knox School Board Meeting

Donations for school safety training and an elementary school field trip were formally accepted by the Knox School Board last week. The school corporation received $834 from the Starke County Community Foundation’s Go for School Safety Fund. That helped with the cost of last month’s active shooter tabletop exercise for Starke County school officials and first responders. The school board also accepted a donation from the Bennett family, to help pay for the third grade field trip to Fair Oaks Farms.

Additionally, Elementary School Principal Michelle Tarnow told board members that the Lil’ Redskins Booster Club continues to help with playground upgrades. The group recently worked with Walsh & Kelly to repave an area near the west end playground. Tarnow also highlighted donations for yesterday’s Haunted Hallway event, along with recent grant awards from the Cheryl Lyn Welter Family Charitable Foundation.