Fire Service Contracts for Center and Jackson Townships Presented at Knox City Council Meeting

The fire service contracts for Center and Jackson Townships were presented at Tuesday night’s Knox City Council meeting.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston informed the council that the contracts will remain the same except they will only be for 1 year versus 2 years.

Houston explained, “The reason I did that is because I don’t believe we can bind future council members and clerk-treasurers to a contract. The contract is supposed to run out at the end of a term so I made it one year since all our terms are up at the end of ’19.”

Houston shared that, years ago, Jackson Township would pay the city per call. However, after some complications with that process, officials reviewed the territory and deciphered what a fair yearly payment would be. They landed on $5,000 per year, which is what the township has paid the last several years, according to Clerk-Treasurer Houston.

Houston added that just like last year, Center Township will be responsible for making two payments of $15,000 for a total $30,000.

No official actions were required from all the council members but both contracts had to be signed by Council President Ron Parker.