2018 Community Crossings Matching Grant Recipients Announced

A few local municipalities will be receiving funding assistance to complete some needed roadwork thanks to the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program. The City of Knox received $346,138.07, the Town of Francesville received $131,854.29 and North Judson will be getting $93,010.50.

Starke County also applied for Community Crossings funds and received a total of $454,002.

According to Starke County Highway Supervisor Rik Ritzler, in the county’s application, officials requested funding for the realignment of the intersection of County Road 210 and 600 South/old State Road 10 at Bass Lake.

Money for the application of hot mix asphalt and preventative maintenance on County Road 25 North from 600 East to State Road 23 was also included as a request in the application.

The number of people who live in each of these places determines how much the local match will be. Since Knox, Francesville and North Judson all have populations of less than 10,000 and Starke County has less than 50,000 residents, only a 25 percent match is required.

Now that officials are aware of how much they’ve received, they have to secure contractors for the various projects. One of the requirements for this grant is that the projects must be bid out and contracts have to be awarded before the end of the year.

However, that doesn’t mean the work needs to be done right away. Due to the impending inclement weather, a lot of the work will have to wait until the spring.

Click the following link to see a full list of the 2018 Community Crossings Grant awardees.