National Weather Service Anticipates Heavy Rainfall this Weekend

The National Weather Service is advising of the potential for heavy rainfall for this weekend, with up to one inch anticipated.

Local emergency management official Clyde Avery issued an alert saying that heavy rain combined with melting snow and frozen or partly frozen ground may result in some flooding of low lying areas. He said this could include ponding on road surfaces and rises on rivers over the weekend into early next week.

He noted that the rivers expected to rise include those in the St Joseph, Kankakee, Maumee and Wabash basins and added that some of the rivers in these basins will likely reach the minor flood stage.

Individuals who live in low lying areas prone to flooding should take the necessary actions to protect themselves and their property, should flooding occur.

Additionally, drivers should use caution as ponding on road surfaces can cause a vehicle to hydroplane and result in loss of steering, braking and power control which could lead to an accident.

Avery said he will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.