Oregon-Davis Qualifies for Corporation-Wide ALICE Training Designation

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation is making progress at implementing its new safety strategy. This year, the school corporation has adopted the ALICE procedure for dealing with armed intruders. It stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.

Superintendent Dr. Don Harman told the school board last week that O-D has qualified to be considered a corporation-wide ALICE-trained school district. “We have over 90 percent, roughly, of our staff trained,” he said. “We only needed to have 75, but we’ve done a fantastic job – bus drivers, custodians, the whole staff.”

Harman previously explained that unlike the old lockdown system, ALICE aims to remove as many people as possible from the danger zone through proactive, options-based strategies. It was officially adopted into the corporation’s crisis plan in July, and training has been taking place since then.

ALICE is designed to be taught to students in all grade levels, from kindergarten on up. An information session was also held for parents earlier this month.