Pulaski County Election Board Certifies General Election Results

Pulaski County Election Board Chairperson Patty Sullivan, Jessye Gilley, and proxy Lynn Wilder

Pulaski County’s General Election results were officially certified by the county election board last week. Lynn Wilder with the Clerk’s Office says the process is mainly a formality, since the necessary paperwork had already been submitted to the state. As part of the certification process, Wilder says the board members signed a printout of the election results, which then has to be kept in the county’s records for a certain period of time.

The final totals released by election officials last week show a voter turnout of more than 53 percent of Pulaski County’s registered voters. Almost a third of those who took part voted absentee. The most popular races were for U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, and State Representative, with each race getting over 4,300 votes.

In Pulaski County, 958 voters chose the straight Republican Party ticket, while 244 voted straight Democrat. Only one Pulaski County resident voted straight Libertarian.