Pulaski County to Sell Unused Utility Vehicles, Donate Obsolete Radios

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

Pulaski County is getting rid of some unused equipment. Last week, the county commissioners agreed to let Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff sell two Unimog utility vehicles at auction on December 8.

The former military vehicles were obtained by the Sheriff’s Department but used by the Highway Department. Sheriff Jeff Richwine explained that he had received the necessary approval from the military to sell them. Commissioner Kenny Becker said the vehicles are considered to be a collector’s item.

Meanwhile, the commissioners authorized Emergency Management Agency Director Sheri Gaillard to donate obsolete radios to an amateur radio group in Fulton County. “Old VHF mobile radios that weren’t able to be narrow-banded, so they’re still at the wide band that can’t be used. So they’re obsolete now,” she explained. “And there’s also a few portables for the same reason and chargers for those, that are unusable anymore.”

Gaillard said the group will use the equipment for parts.