Bids for Paving Work, Dump Truck Sought by Pulaski County Highway Department

The Pulaski County Highway Department is seeking bids for paving work, as well as a new dump truck. Highway Superintendent Terry Ruff told the county commissioners last week that he wants to have cost estimates ready for the next round of Community Crossings grants. The state program covers up to 75 percent of the cost of qualifying road work.

“We’ve got a couple road projects in mind,” Ruff said. “We’ll get bids from some of the asphalt companies, in case whenever we can throw the road projects in for the new Community Crossings. We don’t even know for sure. It’s supposed to be after the first of the year. That way, they want everything ‘shovel-ready,’ they call it, so we’ll have everything in line.”

Pulaski County was not able to get cost estimates and an application together in time for the September Community Crossings deadline, but the state has added more chances to apply.

Meanwhile, Ruff said he also wants to try to buy a new dump truck. Commissioner Kenny Becker explained that the sooner the county gets moving on the process, the better. “If he waits, it’s going to be almost next fall before we get a truck, and if you wait until after the first of the year, the price is going to be an increase of like three or four percent,” Becker said. “So that’s why he’s wanting to get it in play now, to save some money on this end, plus get it in line, so they’ve got it by next fall.”

However, Ruff said the purchase will depend on whether his 2019 budget request gets approved by the state.

The commissioners agreed to let Ruff advertise for bids for both the dump truck and paving work. They’re due by Friday, December 14 and will be opened by the commissioners the following Monday.