Bus Stop Safety Concerns Prompt Renewed Push for All of Indiana to Observe Central Time


After an early morning accident at a Fulton County bus stop left three children dead back in October, some local school officials think a time zone change could improve student safety.

The Culver School Board passed a resolution last week calling for the entire state to observe Central Time. “With the recent bus safety concerns and students’ transportation to school concerns, there’s been a re-synergy of that desire to be on Central Time,” says Culver Community Schools Superintendent Karen Shuman, “so that kids are going to school when there’s light out.”

Shuman also notes that Culver is in the unusual position of serving students in both the Central and Eastern time zones. “So with that component and addressing that need of bus safety, it kind of makes it a win for us, as far as all our students being on one time,” she says. While all of the corporation’s schools are in the Eastern Time Zone, the Starke County portion of the Culver School District observes Central Time.