Inattentive Recycling Practices Cause Winamac Officials to Reconsider Offering the Service

Winamac Town Council members chose to stick with their existing trash service provider when they met last Monday. However, they also decided to make a change to what services will be offered due to an issue with recycling contamination.

In order to refresh their memories, Town Manager Brad Zellers reminded council members about the trash bids that were received in November.

He explained that Local Affordable Disposal offered up an initial monthly charge of $12,468 and did not list a price for recycling. He then provided the bid from Advanced Disposal, which is the company the Town currently utilizes.

“Their price for garbage was $9,096 plus $4,557 per month with recycling.” He added, “Now if they don’t do recycling, their price is $10,748.”

Zellers asked the council if they’d like to continue offering the recycling service and provided them with a bit of insight about some problems that garbage service providers are currently facing.

He explained the issue is that people throw away food waste and other non-recyclable items into their bins. This causes problems during the sorting process that sometimes results in all the contaminated items being thrown out with regular garbage.

He noted that if the town was to discontinue recycling services, people who still wish to do it can utilize the county recycling facility.

Councilwoman Judy Heater added that this option will allow the people who recycle responsibly to feel confident that their items are not ending up in a landfill due to someone else’s contamination.

Members voted unanimously to continue their contract with Advanced Disposal, with the new condition that they will not pay for recycling services.

Zellers stated that when the Town’s contract is officially up in March, recycling bins will be collected. He also noted that if there is a desire to re-add the recycling services, the contract can be adjusted before next year.

Residents are advised that the Pulaski County Recycling and Transfer Station is located in Winamac at 570 West 60 South. The facility allows 24-hour drop-off for recycling.

For more information, call 574-956-3030.