Rich West Appointed to Serve Out Unfinished Term on Culver Town Council

With Tammy Shaffer stepping down from her position on the Culver Town Council prior to the end of her term, Rich West was appointed to take her place.

West attended his first meeting as a council member on Thursday, December 27th.  At that time, Council President Ginny Bess Munroe shared that West was appointed by the Democrat chair and party following Shaffer’s resignation.

She added that he’ll be serving on the council throughout the remainder of Shaffer’s term, which will conclude at the end of this year.

If West wishes to remain on the council in 2020, he’ll have to file for re-election.

While this is the first time that West is serving as town council member, he has been an active member of the Culver Redevelopment Commission (CRC) for multiple years.

According to Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim, since council members make commission appointments on an annual basis, West’s term on the CRC technically ended on December 31st.

She noted that city council members are authorized to serve on the commission so West is still eligible for the position should he wish to seek the appointment once again.