Culver Council Member Taking Aim at Deer Population

A special hunt to control Culver’s deer population was suggested by Town Council Member Bill Cleavenger during last week’s meeting. He said he thinks the deer population is getting out of hand. “There’s some movement within the various county areas to consider approaching the DNR for a special hunt,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anything, obviously, we can do now, but my suggestion is that we contact the DNR, find out what we might have to do for next year.”

Police Chief Wayne Bean noted that many individual farmers in the area have already gotten permits and hosted hunts. Cleavenger added that other municipalities have held hunts within their town limits and said he wanted to ask the DNR for suggestions.

Bean said he wasn’t aware of any recent car-versus-deer crashes, and a member of the Culver Tree Commission said the deer problem seems to be down this year. The tree commission has been putting guards around its smaller trees, to make sure they’re protected.