Culver Utility Department Permitted to Carry Over or Be Paid for Unused Vacation Days

Culver Town Council members made a decision related to utility department employees and unused vacation days when they met at the end of December.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim reminded the council members that they allowed employees of the Police and EMS Departments to carry over unused vacation days into the New Year and gave them the option to receive a payout instead of taking the days off.

When members met for their final meeting of the year, Clerk-Treasurer Heim explained there were utility department employees who were also unable to use all of their vacation time and requested that the council make a similar motion to address the matter.

Councilman Rich West made a motion to that effect.

He stated, “I move that we authorize that the utility department, if they’re unable to use accrued vacation time, that they can either carry it over within the first sixty days of the calendar year in 2019 or be paid out.” 

The council members went on to approve the motion with a unanimous vote.