Knox, Culver School Corporations Lead Local Area in 2018 Graduation Rates

Indiana’s 2018 graduation rates were released by the Department of Education Wednesday. Of Starke County’s school corporations, Knox had the highest total graduation rate at 98.6 percent, while Oregon-Davis had the lowest at 80 percent.

The Eastern Pulaski Community School Corporation’s graduation rate was 94.6 percent, North Judson-San Pierre’s was 90.6 percent, and Culver Community Schools’ was 97.8 percent. The Knox, Eastern Pulaski, and Culver school corporations all saw their total graduation rates improve from 2017 to 2018, while North Judson-San Pierre, Oregon-Davis, and West Central saw a decline.

The Indiana Department of Education is touting increases in the state’s waiver and non-waiver graduation rates. The department also released a separate set of federally-calculated graduation rates, which are based on slightly different accountability equations and standards. Each set of graduation rates, including various breakdowns of state, corporation, and school level data is available on the Indiana Department of Education website.