Potential Lighting Upgrade Considered at North Judson-Wayne Township Fire House

A possible lighting upgrade is being considered at the North Judson-Wayne Town Volunteer Fire Department building.

During the first North Judson Town Council meeting of the year, Fire Chief Joe Leszek informed members about the potential lighting overhaul.

Leszek explained, “We’ve had ballasts going out in the lights in the fire house. I got a quote from a company to switch those from ballast style lights to LED lights which would last 10 years and be more efficient.”

Fire Chief Leszek provided members with information from the only quote he’s received thus far.

He shared, “Right now, the one quote we got was about $30 a bulb so to do the whole firehouse would be around twenty-six hundred bucks [$2,600]”

Leszek told members that he received another number to call to get an additional quote and a few of the members said they had companies in mind that he could check into as well.

Leszek said once some more concrete plans and figures are available for comparison, he will bring those into a meeting to keep the council informed about the selection process.