Town Council Revisits Sign Project at North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Department

A potential sign project at the North Judson-Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department was revisited when town council members met last Monday.

Fire Chief Joe Leszek reminded the council that this idea was first brought up a couple of months ago.

He stated that the Fire Department has $3,500 set aside for the project and asked if the Town would be willing to provide their portion of the remaining project costs, which was discussed in the past.

Leszek shared that he received a quote from Premiere Signs. They offered to provide preliminary drawings and perform the specified job for a total of $9,200. If they went with that company, the Town’s contribution would be $5,700.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe noted that the project has been budgeted for in 2019.

Leszek was asked to discuss the type of signs would be purchased.

He explained, “They’re going to be poly signs that would be placed on the sign of the building, so they’re going to be 3-D, they’re going to be raised”

Leszek continued to elaborate on the work that was quoted, “And that would actually be taking our sign that’s in front out the firehouse now, that’s lighted, changing that over to LEDs and changing the panels inside that to match the building too.”

Councilwoman Wendy Hoppe asked if any other companies provided a quote. Leszek said he also checked with Steindler Signs & Graphix and they offered up a quote that was about $3,000 – $4,000 more than the one provided by Premiere.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe recommended also checking with Simko Signs out of Valparaiso. Councilman James Young said he could provide Leszek with the necessary contact info.

Council President John Rowe asked Leszek to get one more quote and said that the members could likely act on it when the council meets next on Monday, February 4th.