Town of Hamlet Plans to Hire Part-Time Street Department Employee

The Town of Hamlet is looking to hire a second Street Department employee. Town council members agreed Wednesday to advertise for a part-time assistant and accept applications through February 8.

It was noted that there was a possibility that the position could become full-time, but Council President Dave Kesvormas stressed that isn’t guaranteed. “I see it from a point of the water budget,” he said. “We’re always struggling there, and that’s paid partly out of water, correct? We can probably become a little bit solvent this year with the expense of the water, the expense of the sewer off the front. Maybe it’s probably advantageous we find two intermittent employees [for] when the workload is there.”

Street Superintendent Kevin Leinbach said he definitely needs the help, and that he can’t wait a month for council members to hire someone. He did note that he has someone to help plow snow on the weekends, though.

Council members hope to make a decision during their next meeting on February 13. The Hamlet Street Department has been down to one employee, since council members decided not to reappoint former Street Superintendent Fred Rowe earlier this month and promoted Leinbach into the position, instead.