Culver School Board Approves Raise for Bus Drivers

Culver Community Schools’ bus drivers are getting a raise. Superintendent Karen Shuman says the increase in the daily wage was approved by the school board Monday.

“Before, our bus drivers were at a $65 rate, and we increased them to an $80 rate,” she explains.

Also during Monday’s meeting, Treasurer Casey Howard gave her year-end financial report, as part of the process of closing out the 2018 budget. Shuman says there are no major concerns at this point, when it comes to the school corporation’s finances. “We are feeling very positive about the path that we’ve taken and many of the cuts that were made in the past and how we’re able to sustain the budget, so that we are always in good light during audits.”

Shuman says Howard also gave an overview of school finances for the new board members.