Last Week’s Women’s Self-Defense Class Reviewed during Knox School Board Meeting

Last week’s women’s self-defense class is getting a positive reaction from participants. The Knox Police Department organized the event, which was held at Knox High School.

Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff highlighted the class during her report to the school board Monday. “It was an amazing activity,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve been to a better physical training. There were probably 80 women, and the officers were there. They were very supportive.”

The class was taught by newly-appointed School Resource Officer Travis Schieber, with help from officers from various local police departments.

Ratliff was impressed by the turnout. “We could hardly fit the number of ladies up in the new mezzanine with the stuff moved,” she noted. “We brought up extra mats, and I think a lot of them that went said, ‘I would love to come back to this.’ It was that good a training.”

Ratliff said she would like to see more training opportunities offered in the future. “I even walked out and said there are really things that I could use in my job and my work,” she told the school board. “So I know we’ll be talking a little bit about teachers. Some of those things that we don’t think about in our job, he picked up some things that would really help us, even when working with kids that have difficulties or that are fighting. The good news is we don’t have very many of those, but it’s always helping your teachers be safe and helping your students be safe.”

A similar class was held by North Judson Police back in November.