Law Enforcement Agencies across Indiana Plan to Increase Patrols this March

As spring sets in, temperatures start to rise and winter ice and snow recede from the roadways, authorities report that drivers typically become more tempted to increase their speeds and take more risks behind the wheel.

To address this anticipated spike in risky driving behaviors, multiple law enforcement agencies across the state of Indiana will be increasing patrols for aggressive driving violations this March.

The Culver Police Department and La Porte County Sheriff’s Department will join with about 230 Hoosier law-enforcement agencies that will be upping their efforts during the month of March.

According to information provided by authorities, failing to yield the right of way is one of the top causes of crashes that lead to injuries and deaths. Other top causes of crashes include following too closely and unsafe lane movement violations.

Additional aggressive driving violations can be traveling at a speed too fast for weather conditions or an unsafe speed in general, disregarding traffic signals or signs and improper passing, turning and lane usage.

Police officials shared that the rules of the road are not only the law – they are designed to help everyone reach their destination safely and efficiently. The purpose of the informing the public about the increased patrols is to prevent unsafe driving and save lives.