More Than 460 Automated External Defibrillators Donated to Indiana State Police Since 2014

Indiana State Police Troopers are now better equipped to assist individuals suffering from cardiac arrest and other heart problems thanks to a recent equipment donation.

This year, the Bolt for the Heart Foundation was able to provide 134 Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to the Indiana State Police.

While Bolt for the Heart was able to raise funds to purchase 114 of those units during their Thanksgiving Day fundraising run, the remainder of the units were bought with a special donation from HeartSaver.

Gov. Holcomb with Bolt For The Heart Board Members and troopers that received AED units

HeartSaver is a committee of volunteers representing the Deaconess Foundation and the Heart Hospital at Deaconess Gateway in Evansville.

Governor Eric J. Holcomb welcomed ISP, Bolt for the Heart and HeartSaver representatives into his office in January to recognize this incredible effort.

Back in 2014 Bolt for the Heart pledged to put an AED unit in as many state police road patrol vehicles as possible.

This most recent donation brings the total number of AED units donated up to 465. The value of this equipment exceeds $600,000, according to an ISP press release. 

Gov. Holcomb with Bolt For The Heart supporters and members of HeartSaver from Deaconess Gateway Hospital and state police personnel.

When asked to comment on what the future holds for Bolt for the Heart, the president of the non-profit organization Pierre Twer said they’re ready to turn their efforts toward the many other local and county police agencies in Indiana that could benift by having an AED in their patrol vehicles.

He noted that their ultimate goal is to have an AED in every police vehicle in Indiana.