NJ Lift Station Pumps Pulled Multiple Times Due to Non-Flushable Items

North Judson officials will be issuing an alert to remind residents to be mindful about what they flush down the toilet.

During the utility department report at last week’s town council meeting, members were informed about some consistent issues with the Oakwood and James Street lift stations due to non flushable items causing problems.

Utility Department employee Kim Kapp provided members with some more details about what was found when the pumps had to be pulled.

She explained, “The one on James Street, there was a big chunk of plastic that had it jammed up. Over here [on Oakwood Street], it’s some kind of disposable diaper or something that they’re putting in and the pumps are not handling that.”

After having to pull the pumps on those lift stations multiple times recently, Kapp recommended sending out letters or putting an alert on the water bills.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe and Billing Clerk Jennifer Vanek confirmed that a reminder could be included on the next water bill.

In order to protect the town’s infrastructure and prevent the need for costly repairs, residents should refrain from flushing anything inorganic.

For more information about the kind of damage non-flushable items can cause and for a list of items you should never flush, visit ThinkBeforeYouFlush.org.