North Judson Officials Discuss Water Tower Rehabilitation Project

Some concerns about the water project in North Judson interfering with the Mint Festival in June were addressed at Monday night’s town council meeting.

CommonWealth Project Engineer Rob Bellucci informed members that after speaking with contractors, plans to renovate the water towers have been adjusted so that efforts won’t coincide with the Town’s annual event.

He explained, “The council had asked me to check on coordination with the Mint Festival and we did that with the tank rehab contractor and they have basically flipped flopped and they’re going to do the west tank first and then they won’t start on the work on the east tank until the week after the Mint Fest.”

Bellucci also informed members that they should be finalizing ideas for the towers. He said work on the west tank won’t start until April 1st but he’s hoping that they can have a solid design plan by the end of this month.

He presented them with some figures associated with the two basic options but emphasized the fact they could get creative.

“If we just do the change in lettering, you’re looking at about a $9,000 total cost.” Bellucci continued, “If you look at the lettering plus the logo it’s about a $21,000 total. If you want to do different combinations, I’m sure it’s kind of ‘a la carte’ here.”

Members discussed the possibility of including new lettering as well as their blue jay logo on the south side of the tower that’s in town and just doing a basic design with new lettering on the tower that’s out of town.

Bellucci said if they’re only planning to put the logo on one side that would reduce the cost for that tower to about $10,500 rather than $21,000 since the figures he presented factored in placing the design on both sides.

He added that the contractors have been really receptive to suggestions so he encouraged the members to email him any other ideas they come up with. No official actions were taken Monday night but the topic will be revisited in future meetings.