Pulaski County Commissioners Approve Application for Continuing Pretrial Release Funding

Pulaski County’s pretrial release program is seeking funding for another year. During last week’s joint county council and commissioners meeting, the commissioners agreed to let program officials apply for a renewal of the program’s 1006 grant from the Indiana Department of Correction.

Superior Court Judge Crystal Brucker Kocher explained, “That’s the program that’s going to be required by the Supreme Court in 2020, which requires an assessment of anyone who has been jailed. Currently, we are able to operate that program at no expense to the county because we applied for grant funding and received that, and that’s how we are paying [Pretrial Services Officer Amanda] Cosgray’s salary. And so we are again going to be asking the Department of Correction through the 1006 grant, to fund her salary, so that we can continue without cost.”

The commissioners agreed to sign a letter of support for the grant application. In addition to the pretrial release program, Pulaski County is also hoping to use 1006 funding for its new veterans court and jail treatment initiatives.